Hello !

I’m Jean-François Perrault, I'm a french guy living in Nantes, but I might spend some time in New York City next year.

I'm an Art Director & happy partner at Stereosuper : we are a web focused communication & design agency. We help startups to find the right way to communicate, but always with fun, happiness and creativity. We're based in Nantes, France, and we want launch an office in Brooklyn, and help cool NYC french startupers. If you are one of those, contact us directly


Analog and digital photo

Instant film is one of my favourite hobbie since a few years. Then, I started to use classical analog camera : look a these beauties !

Of course didn't let DSLR cameras down, you can find some of my portrait work here


Lettering is very relaxing. So relaxing that I didn't take time to put something online


I love playing music : Clavinet, and Electric organ in particular, everything that make noise in general,a preference for electro-mechanical keyboards (uh?) I've been spending a lot of time in my homestudio, in the street, in bars and theaters playing music, now I'm focused on instrument pratice, and homemade musical arrangement, but I'm open to collaborate by the way !

& caetera

When I don't spend my time to
cook - watch TV shows & movies - observe the sun rising - go out with my friends - plan some DIY projects - make jokes - photobomb - bike - speak english with a massive french accent, here is a short list of things I like to do :

Spamming for fun

mon spam quotidien, is a (french only) mailing list that you can subscribe, and receive some fresh & parodic fake spam, inspired real spams. Subscribe and get some fresh air during your morning spam erasing session !

Being social.

Find me on : Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Skype, Vimeo, Dribbble, Instagram, Flickr

Anything else ?

I'm cool !
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me, for professionnal matters or not.

Bisou !